MESH is a loosely woven or knitted fabric that has a large number of closely-spaced holes.

We love special knitted and woven textiles. The patterns, the details, the richness, the endless option.

And we also love SHOES!

We are addicted :) If you also like us, this is your place.

All of our shoes are hand made from a variety of MESH fabric.

From knittiAng to woven, Sporty 3D MESH, lacey MESH and many more,

Combine with feminine, elegant style.

Mesh Aesthetics

MESH incorporates the breathable, dimensional fabrics of sports apparel in

every hand-made pair of fashionable shoes. Each MESH shoe balances comfort

with innovative yet timeless allure. Playful prints and patterns to freshly polish

off your look. MESH knit footwear is thoughtfully designed to help your

personality shine through anything you wear, whether you're dressed for business or headed to brunch.


MESH Designer

MESH founded and design by Sharon Hermesh, shoe designer and knitting

aficionado. combined her two passions to bring women the bold, comfortable,

yet stylish unique shoes.